Talk Extension

Talk is an interactive forum, with the slick user-friendly design of a blog.  Build a community around your interest group and encourage participation by your users.

This extension of Geeksy Core is dead simple to use, meaning your users can join conversation.  Like they are doing on StreetSalsa, a social network putting a new spin on partner dancing.

Talk beats the pants of WordPress.  It's faster, easier to use and has a much better user signup and management system.  The email notification system means that your users know when new posts are created and comments are written.  

No ugly backend and WordPress branding, just a streamlined user-friendly experience for users in your niche.

Features Include

  • The interactivity of a forum with the user-friendly design of a blog. 
  • Streamlined user signup to encourage your users to join the conversation and leave comments and make posts.
  • Unlimited user accounts with simple user role management means you can authorise moderators and community leaders.
  • Users can follow posts and categories, to be notified by email when a new posting or comment is made.
  • Users automatically notified by email when other users comment on their posts or comment on a conversation they are involved in.

More Extensions

  • Chat - instant messaging allows your users to send each other messages and live chat.
  • Mailer - remove the need for separate email marketing systems like MailChimp.
  • Advert - monetise your site and make a return by selling advertising space to your users.

What Next?

It all starts with a chat.  If you want to know more like a full feature list - just drop your details in the form below.

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