Mailer Extension

Replace the need for separate email marketing systems like MailChimp by extending Geeksy Core with the Mailer extension and reach out to your users.

Build the user base of your website and develop the power to send out mailers from within your website - without the need of a third party service or off-site registration.  Get your news and information out fast and effectively to those who want to receive it.

How often do people even signup to your mailing list?  I've seen dramatic results with the implementation of Mailer in The Security Advisor, far better than the results I've seen with MailChimp in the past.

The client now has a way to speak directly to thousands of users.

Features Include

  • Users can choose their own interest groups and manage notifications easily.
  • Limit email messages to relevant interest groups or send to all.
  • No longer do you even need to maintain a list, just grow your website user base.
  • Email templates, tested in all major email clients and streamlined to deliver proven results.
  • Grant specific user groups the ability to send their own messages.

More Extensions

I've extended Geeksy Core in many different ways for my clients, but the following extensions have potential applications in any business:

  • Talk - an interactive forum, with the slick user-friendly design of a blog.
  • Chat - instant messaging allows your users to send each other messages and live chat.
  • Advert - monetise your site and make a return by selling advertising space to your users.

What Next?

It all starts with a chat.  If you want to know more, like a full feature list - just drop your details in the form below.

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