Geeksy Core

Are you interested in building an online community around your brand?

Be that a forum, social network, review site or customer relationship system?

Would you like to build a website with thousands of users?

Concerned about budgeting and managing such a project?

Geeksy Core is an innovative solution to the problem, which reduces the risk of a long term application development and spreads the cost over the lifetime of the project, making cash flows easier to manage.

It's a flexible framework that I've developed over the last five years, which in its simplest form is a streamlined content management system that's far easier to use than the alternatives.

But by extending it, I've created websites with thousands of users with instant chat, email marketing systems, advertising revenue streams and online forums.  Sites like The Security Advisor, StreetSalsa and Redbrick Properties.

Geeksy Core is the base module to a whole world of different of applications.  It has built in content management system, analytics, user accounts, search engine optimisation and legal compliance with a bespoke design using the latest mobile-first responsive design techniques.

Features Include

Geeksy Core has too many features to mention here, but some of the highlights:

  • Bespoke design unique to your web application.
  • Mobile optimised, responsive HTML & CSS design.
  • Pick up and play content management system with rich text editor and image uploads.
  • Improved security and performance verses open source systems like WordPress.
  • One click embedding of YouTube videos.
  • Straight-forward management of On-Page Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Facebook Open Graph integration for rich snippets in social media shares.
  • Search engine friendly URLs.
  • Compliant with EU cookie regulations.


I've extended Geeksy Core in many different ways for my clients, but the following extensions have potential applications in any business:

  • Talk - an interactive forum, with the slick user-friendly design of a blog.
  • Chat - instant messaging allows your users to send each other messages and live chat.
  • Mailer - remove the need for separate email marketing systems like MailChimp.
  • Advert - monetise your site and make a return by selling advertising space to your users.

What Next?

It all starts with a chat.  If you want to know more, like how much Geeksy Core costs - just drop your details in the form below.

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