Chat Extension

Add a robust instant messaging system to Geeksy Core, so your users can send each other messages and live chat.  What could you do with a social network messaging system?

This versatile system has been implemented in different ways by my clients.  Redbrick Properties use it to handle all customer enquiries through the website, while in StreetSalsa it is a way for members to get to know each other better.

Alternatively, the system is adaptable to use as a live chat system on the frontend of your website.  Answer visitors' questions as they're browsing the website and reduce missed opportunities.

Proactively provide assistance to your visitors, when they require it.

Features Include

  • Slick threaded messaging system allows your users to instant chat.
  • Easily create group messages, and add users to an existing conversation.
  • Assign messages to departments, for management of message threads.
  • Suitable as an internal intranet or way for your users to connect within your site.
  • Option to implement as a live chat system for reaching out to casual website visitors.

More Extensions

I've extended Geeksy Core in many different ways for my clients, but the following extensions have potential applications in any business:

  • Talk - an interactive forum, with the slick user-friendly design of a blog.
  • Mailer - remove the need for separate email marketing systems like MailChimp.
  • Advert - monetise your site and make a return by selling advertising space to your users.

What Next?

It all starts with a chat.  If you want to know more, like a full feature list - just drop your details in the form below.

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