Advert Extension

Monetise your site and make a return by selling advertising space to your users or highlighting your own products.

This extension to Geeksy Core allows you to deliver a return on your investment and generate an income from your application.  Your users can upload their adverts with a simple form and checkout via PayPal.  Each advert is sent to your moderators before it is displayed on the website, so there is no worry that something will damage your reputation.

This is not AdSense, which delivers a small income for a large number of page views. You can generate much greater advertising revenue by selling adverts to companies who target your niche - it's worth far more to them.  This extension is used to great effect by The Security Advisor.

Alternatively, the Advert extension allows you an easy way to feature your products and services on your website.  Since site admins bypass PayPal and can upload adverts directly to the site.

Features Include

  • Two formats of advertisement - small square and leaderboard adverts.
  • Adverts are fully responsive and display on mobile devices.
  • Painless moderation of adverts is a breeze.
  • Adverts can be removed easily at any time.
  • You set the price of advertisements meaning you can generate the maximum possible revenue.

More Extensions

I've extended Geeksy Core in many different ways for my clients, but the following extensions have potential applications in any business:

  • Talk - an interactive forum, with the slick user-friendly design of a blog.
  • Chat - instant messaging allows your users to send each other messages and live chat.
  • Mailer - remove the need for separate email marketing systems like MailChimp.

What Next?

It all starts with a chat.  If you want to know more, like a full feature list - just drop your details in the form below.

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