What is a Content Management System?

Posted by Jake on 15th July 2014

A content management system (CMS) allows you to control the content on your website with ease. You can add, edit and delete content, including: pages, posts, text and images.

A truly effective website develops over time based on insight into the way that users interact with it. It evolves with your business.

A content management system allows you to take control of the content of your website. This means that you can tweak the focus of the written content over time, or give your users a reason to come back time after time by writing a blog.

Most content management systems are as easy to use as a word processor!

What Do I Use?

If it's just a simple brochure site, for the majority of websites I develop, I use WordPress, which is quickly becoming the CMS of choice for website development.

I have also worked with other CMS platforms such as: Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. Magento in particular, is a content management system specifically developed for ecommerce. If the project requires it, I tend to use my custom Geeksy Core system.

I can integrate your website with one of the popular open source CMS platforms such as Joomla or WordPress, or use Geeksy Core for more streamlined content management. It depends on the requirements of the project.

By Jake

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