Using Social Media for Marketing

Posted by Jake on 26th June 2014

Increasingly, clients are asking me: “How do I get more customers and sales through social media?”

My answer is to turn the question on its head and ask: “Who are your target audience and how can you help them?”

The way that different people use social media varies considerably – as it depends on their age, aspirations and lifestyle. So if you know why they use the internet you can pretty quickly start to build up a picture of who they are and what to provide them with.  The key is to become their online friend.

Would you buy a product from a stranger? Probably not. But you probably would buy something from someone you liked and trusted, wouldn’t you? Particularly if it was a larger item like double glazing or a solicitor’s service – and that’s where social media comes into its own.

An Example

Imagine that you’re a woman who wants to try a new hair dressing salon because you’ve moved into a new area. You don’t know anyone, so you Google hairdressing salons in the local area. You come up with a list of six that all look ok.

You ask your new friends at work, and two are recommended. You look on Facebook and one of them from your list has a dedicated Facebook business page. You can see the inside of the salon, they’re showcasing some of the styles and stylists that work there and it just so happens that for first time clients, they’re offering a free consultation and 10% discount!

You pick up the phone and give them a call. Ta da! In a nut shell, that’s how to use social media for marketing.

Key Points

The important points to remember are:

  • Consistency of message.
  • Speak to your target market in their language.
  • Have a strong call to action.
  • At some point you need to engage with them in real life!

Increasingly in today’s marketplace, it’s not ‘Word of Mouth’ that counts, but ‘Word of Mouse’!

By Jake

I'm web designer in Leeds with a background in design, marketing and programming; I put together top class websites with lots of users to create a buzz around your business.

I invest my heart and soul into every piece of work I do, and build long-term relationships as a result.