Properties of Great Business Names

Posted by Jake on 11th August 2014

To be truly great, a business name needs to have certain qualities. These are the near universal characteristics that great names share.

Measure your ideas against the following eight point checklist. Feel free to break the rules where you see fit, but at least know them before you break them!

8 Point Checklist

  1. Memorable.  First and foremost, people must remember your business name.
  2. Short. Short names are more memorable, and also easier to type into a browser or contact management system.
  3. Unique. In order to protect your business name, it must be unique.  Also, your domain name and social media profiles are more likely to be available.
  4. Easy to spell. If people can’t spell your name then they may not find your website or get your email address wrong.
  5. Understandable in any language. This may be difficult to achieve, at a minimum, make sure your name is not offensive in the major languages.
  6. Easy to say out loud. You must be comfortable pitching your business on the phone or in person.
  7. Has the qualities of a name. A great name has that magical indescribable quality that means it feel like a name.
  8. Lends itself easily to an identity. A name that lends itself to a strong visual identity will be helpful once you are creating a logo and other items of branding.

The Perfect Name?

I’ve yet to hear the perfect name, I’m not sure such a thing exists.  Even the best names are some kind of compromise between the above points.

I love the name Geeksy, but it’s not the easiest name to say out loud and for people to spell intuitively – thankfully I work in the digital arena so that’s not often a problem.

What do you think is the perfect name?  Why?  Please post your suggestions in the comments!

By Jake

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