Is Direct Mail Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Jake on 25th November 2013

Direct mail is a way to reach people and get your message across.

You can manipulate the data to make the mail specific and targeted for certain groups of people. Everyone should consider direct mail as part of their marketing strategy.

So that leaves just one question:

Digital vs. Non- digital?

The image of direct mail has been enormously changed over the past few years, with better audience targeting and some highly imaginative campaigns, potential customers are now far more likely to open and read a leaflet or letter mailed to them than they are to read an email that pings into their inbox.  Even so, looking at some of the figures for the rate of response to direct mail campaigns can be daunting – the average is between 1 to 2%.  For a business or organisation considering using direct mail for the first time, the question must be why use a direct mail approach and how do we get the best value out of our mailing?

The non-digital option

Whether yours is a large organisation looking to run a direct mail campaign in parallel with a new TV advert, or a small charity designing a fund-raising campaign, the key to success is choosing an expert partner to work with. Royal Mail Door to Doorhas extensive experience in advising on direct mail campaigns, and offers a “one-stop shop” to clients – a complete service from the provision of databases and audience targeting to the design, printing and delivery of materials.

The digital Option

MailChimp is a service which helps you design your mail-out and sends it viral to all your contacts, it too offers a “one-stop shop”. With MailChimp you can also analyse the data behind your mail-out. You can find out who deleted it, who opened it and who clicked through to your website. The insights are good and in such a modern world it gives you all the information you need.

With both of these options generating positive points in their own ways, the best option to get the best value would be to use both strategies. Using both digital and non-digital is a great way to cover all areas and it gets your message out there. Remember: The more people hear your name, the more they will recognise it and begin to trust it!

By Jake

I'm web designer in Leeds with a background in design, marketing and programming; I put together top class websites with lots of users to create a buzz around your business.

I invest my heart and soul into every piece of work I do, and build long-term relationships as a result.

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