Google Chrome User Accounts

Posted by Jake on 24th January 2014

I’ll start off with if you don’t have a Gmail account, I suggest you get one, now. You’ll thank me in a few months when Google+ takes off and plus you’ll need one for this.

I found a nifty little feature using Google Chrome, if you regularly share a computer with family and friends or want to keep your bookmarks separate, then adding new users will allow everyone to have personalized copies of Chrome on one computer, it’s pretty clever.

  • Open up Chrome and head to the Options section (the 3 lines in the top right corner)
  • Click on ‘sign into chrome’ and enter your details
  • Click on Users and Add new user, a confirmation box will pop up and ask you to enter your name and choose a picture; we’ve gone for a Ninja because they’re cool!
  • Once you’ve created this, a new window will appear with your picture in the corner.
  • Now you can sign into chrome with your unique Gmail account.
  • Add your bookmarks, apps and theme and these will all be synced to that account.
  • Do this for each user and you’ll have your own settings every time you log into Chrome.

Once you’ve done this all it’s all linked under one roof, you can even sync all your bookmarks on multiple computers in just one click, all you need to do is sign in, pretty cool hey? There’s Ninjas!

Here are the instructions from the horse’s mouth!

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