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Posted by Jake on 14th August 2015

They say images speak 1000 words and that’s certainly the case on the web. Viewers like to skim read sites and the first thing they look for is an image, it’s the easiest way they can get a grasp for the article. So it’s important you use them, sparingly, if they want a collage, then that’s what they’ll search for.


You may not have the budget to spend on images, after all Google will always spit something out right? Wrong, there’s a lot ofsmall print that needs to be read, especially if the purpose is for a commercial business. There are a few stock image sites out there which either for free or for a small sum you can purchase a range of images.


The obvious choice, if you want to go through Google then there’s a few settings you need to set, in order to get copyright free images which you’ll be able to use, for free. No lawsuit for you.

  • Click on the cog in the top right hand corner
  • Advanced Search settings
  • Then change usage rights from ‘not filtered by licence’ to ‘free to use or share, even commercially’

Then search away.


With over 400000 images to choose from, it can be a daunting prospect. Ensure you chose an image which is relevant; itportrays your message in an instant and there’s no thinking involved. You’ve just got to be prepared to search for it, obviously there are limitations like if you’ve a certain image that you want, you’ll have to be prepared to compromise if you want it for free.

This site will pretty much let you use any image, free of charge. But wait surely there’s got to be some restrictions? And you’re right, you can’t use an image involving a person without buying it, but apart from that you’re free to use the images how you wish.


If you have the budget the spare, I suggest you pay for images, it’ll only a matter of a few pounds and you’ll get a higher quality of image, plus there’s more chance of you getting what you want.

As long are you aren’t going to make money directly from the image such as reselling them then, you’re welcome to use the images. All you need to do is create a free account and purchase the images you require.

By Jake

I'm web designer in Leeds with a background in design, marketing and programming; I put together top class websites with lots of users to create a buzz around your business.

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