6 Reasons Your Business Needs Google+

Posted by Jake on 4th December 2013

I know what you’re thinking:

“Not another social network!  I’ve only just got my head around Twitter and now you’re asking me to get into Google+.  Besides, everyone’s on Facebook so what’s the point?”

First of all, let me say that I feel your pain.  The rate of technological change means it’s frustrating to stay up to date.

But Google+ is not just another Facebook, or Twitter, for that matter.  It has a whole heap of potential benefits for your business.  Just allow me six reasons to try and convince you…

1. Google Authorship

Google Authorship allows you to link your Google+ profile with the content you create online.

By doing so, your content will display in the Google search results with a rich snippet.

This will improve the number of people clicking through to your website, help to develop your personal brand as an author and mean that your new content is indexed much more quickly by Google.

If you’d like to setup Google Authorship this post by Google is a good place to start.

2. Google Publisher Tag

In a similar way that Google Authorship allows you to link your personal profile to content you create, the Publisher Tag allows you to link your Google+ Business Page to your website and establish your authority as a publisher of content.

This means Google will display information from your Business Page, including recent posts, next to your search listing.

Here’s a post explaining how to link your website to your Google+ page.

3. It’s owned by Google!

Google own the number 1 search engine in the world, as well as the second biggest search engine – YouTube.  They have mapped the Earth and are doing a pretty good job of pinning every business in the world on their map.

If you buy an Android phone then you can’t set it up without creating a Google+ profile.  And that’s not even mentioning their email platform Gmail or their cloud storage Google Drive.

Ok, so far so scary.  The point is Google aren’t going anywhere, and they’re not going to rest until their social network is as popular as their other services.

Google+ is here to stay, while everyone is whining ‘not another social network‘, you should be getting your foot in the door, now.

4. Google+ Local

If you’re a local business, then Google+ Local allows you to display important location information directly in the Google search results and on your Google+ Business Page.

You guessed it, here’s a post to help get you started!

5. Discussion Based

One of my favourite things about Google+, simply from an interface point of view, is the discussion based nature of the network.  The super slick design and functionality means that the network is based on thoughtful discussion and comment.

With the openness of Twitter, but much more space to express yourself with words and images, I think they’ve got the design spot on – but admittedly that’s just my opinion!

6. Active Community

One of the criticisms of Google+ that I hear most often is that ‘the people I know aren’t on there’.  It’s certainly the case that many of the people I know offline aren’t using Google+, compared to other social networks.

But that said, the people who are on Google+ are really active and there’s still a massive, thriving community.  Social networking is not just about connecting with people you already know!

Google+ presents a great opportunity to connect with people you don’t know ‘in real life’.  In that regard I find it much more useful than Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter.

I’m part of a buzzing small business marketing community focused on the UK.  I’ve written a post about the community, and you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for a place to jump into meaningful use of Google+.

In Summary

Ultimately these are just my reasons for using G+.  You’ll have to make your own mind up!

Have you tried Google+?  What have been the benefits?  Otherwise, what’s standing in the way of you getting involved?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

By Jake

I'm web designer in Leeds with a background in design, marketing and programming; I put together top class websites with lots of users to create a buzz around your business.

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